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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Texas State offer classes via the Internet and ITV, and at off-campus locations?

Yes, a complete listing of all scheduled undergraduate and graduate distance learning and off-campus classes may be found on the CatsWeb Schedule of Classes.

What is Texas State doing about privacy in distance education?

Texas State has written policies and procedures for protecting the privacy of all students enrolled in all courses and programs, including distance education. These policies formally incorporate the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and applicable laws and regulations.  University policies include:

Access to Student Records Pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 

Appropriate Use of Information Resources

Information Resources Identity and Access Management

Security of Texas State Information Resources

Texas State provides a notice regarding the privacy rights of students as well as information on how data is collected on its website. See complete explanations on the following:

Privacy Rights Notice

Privacy Statement (information gathering and dissemination)

How do I apply for admission to Texas State?

Whether you are applying for admission to an undergraduate or graduate program, your application is available online. If you are interested in an undergraduate program, then you should follow the admissions application process provided by Undergraduate Admissions. Graduate students should follow the admissions application process provided by the Graduate College.

Does the Honor Code apply to distance education?

Texas State's Honor Code applies to all courses, programs and academic activities at the university.  Course syllabi and other information typically include a statement about the importance of academic integrity. If you are unsure or have any questions, feel free to talk with your instructors or other trusted staff on campus, including a member of the Honor Code Council. Take a moment to review the Honor Code, the policy that outlines the process for students, faculty and others when a honor code violation is suspected, and the Honor Code Council's website for enhancing awareness on our campus:


If I enroll in distance learning courses, will I also be eligible to enroll in other courses during the same semester?

Yes, if you enroll in a distance learning course, you are also eligible to enroll in other university courses during the same semester.

Are there special fees for enrolling in distance and off-campus courses?

In addition to regular tuition and fees posted by Student Business Services, students enrolled in distance education courses (hybrid, fully online) are assessed the electronic course fee of $50 per credit hour. Students in correspondence courses (hybrid, fully online) are assessed the electronic course fee of $10 per credit hour. There is currently no fee associated with the verification of student identity.

If a student is enrolled in solely off-campus courses (which includes hybrid and fully online courses), then the following four fees will be waived: medical service fee, recreational sports fee, bus fee, and student center fee. Students enrolled in both off-campus and on-campus courses will be charged all the fees mentioned above.

Do I have to be officially admitted to the university in order to enroll in a distance learning course?

Yes, you must first be admitted to the university before you are eligible to enroll in a distance learning course. You must also meet the requirements of the Texas Success Initiative Program unless you have been officially exempted from the requirements of this program.

How do I get textbooks for my class?

You may order your textbooks from the Texas State Bookstore online, or you may telephone the bookstore (512.245.2273).

Will I be eligible for financial aid?

Students enrolled in distance learning and off-campus courses are eligible for financial aid as long as they meet all other requirements for financial aid.

How do I find out what distance learning and off-campus programs and courses are available?

The Program Offerings page lists programs available online and at our off-campus locations. The Texas State Schedule of Classes lists distance learning and off-campus courses scheduled to be offered each semester.

If I live in San Marcos or in a residence hall on campus, may I enroll in an Internet or off-campus course?

Yes, once admitted to the university, you may enroll in courses delivered on-campus, off-campus, or via any electronic delivery system.

May I complete my degree via distance learning, or must I come to the San Marcos campus and attend classes?

The Program Offerings page lists programs available via distance learning. Some class sessions may require on-campus attendance.

How do I contact an academic advisor when I do not come to the San Marcos campus to take courses?

You may contact the department of your major to identify an academic advisor, or you may contact the advising center of the academic college of your major. If you are enrolled at the RRHEC, you may contact the RRHEC office (512.716.4000) to identify an academic advisor.

Will any of my class sessions be held on the San Marcos campus?

Some faculty may require you to attend one or more class sessions on the San Marcos campus. You should contact the faculty member of the class for specific information on attendance.

What kind of computer and software do I need for an Internet class?

Almost any PC or Macintosh computer will meet the requirements for your course, but you should always contact the faculty member of the course in which you are enrolled for specific computer hardware and software requirements. Of course, you’ll also need an Internet connection.

When does my Internet class meet?

Unless the faculty member requires specific meeting times and dates on the San Marcos campus, your class will be conducted "asynchronously." Generally, you can log onto and off of the class according to your schedule.

When do classes start and end?

All distance learning classes start and end according to the university’s regular semester calendar. For example, there are fall, spring, and summer semesters. You should review the Schedule of Classes for specific starting and ending dates.

Will there be hundreds of students in my Internet class?

No, each academic department sets limits on the number of students that may enroll in a class. Many classes are limited to no more than 20 enrolled students.

Will I be able to communicate with my instructor?

Yes, your instructor will provide you an e-mail address and office hours where he or she may be reached.

If the class is not for me, may I drop it?

Yes, you may drop the class just as you would drop an on-campus class. Please follow the procedure on CatsWeb for how to drop a class.

Will I have access to the library since I will not be on campus?

Yes, the Alkek Library on the San Marcos campus offers a comprehensive list of services for distance learning students. You may want to review the distance learning services that are available to you at the Library Services for Distance Learning Web site.

If a required course is not offered via distance learning, will I be able to substitute another course in its place?

If a required course is not offered, you must contact your academic advisor for permission to substitute a different course.