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Canvas LMS Announcement

An exciting new opportunity!

Logo for Texas State University's new LMS, Canvas by Instructure.

Don't just migrate your course, MY-GREAT your course!

The first big question on all of our minds has been answered. We're switching to Canvas!

But now what?
You may be thinking, What will happen to the content in my TRACS sites? How easy will it be to switch my TRACS site to the new LMS? Don't worry, resources will be provided to help with these important issues.

But let's not stop there!
This is also the time to:

Create personalized learning experiences!

Up your student engagement

Motivate your students with rich content!

In other words, don't just migrate your course...MY-GREAT your course!
We'll be here to help you do it. We're busy developing a suite of resources and faculty professional development to help you turn your blank Canvas into a work of teaching and learning art!

Here are our thoughts...

Image depicting an instructor and student interacting at a whiteboard with the words, Course Management.

It is important to think about how the LMS can best be leveraged to manage your class and communicate with your students.

Image depicting a laptop, keyboard, and printouts with the word Content displayed.

Content is more than just the textbook. How will your content stand out from the crowd?

Image depicting a group of students and displaying the words, Adaptive Learning.

Our students come from all walks of life. How will your course aim to create personalized learning for each student?

Image depicting a person's hand adding items to a checklist and displaying the word, Planning.

Have you ever been demotivated as a student when completing a poorly planned, poorly organized course? Good planning is a cornerstone to successful online teaching.

An image depicting a pair of students collaborating at a computer and displaying the words, Student Engagement.

How do you plan to ensure that your students engage meaningfully with you, the content, and each other?