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2014 Award for Excellence in Online Teaching

Recipients of the 2014 Award for Excellence in Online Teaching  

Ms. Marylyn Kajs-Wyllie

Ms. Kajs-Wyllie


Marylyn Kajs-Wyllie has been teaching at St. David’s School of Nursing since fall 2011 as Clinical Associate Professor for both the undergraduate and graduate programs. Graduate courses taught include online courses in Advanced Pathophysiology and Advanced Health Assessment. Undergraduate courses include Health Assessment Across the Lifespan, for which she acts as Lecturer and Clinical Coordinator; Leadership and Management of Nursing Care, for which she is Lecturer; and Practicum in Community Health Nursing, for which she is listed as Clinical Faculty. Kajs-Wyllie has always loved to teach, even when she was a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Neuroscience and was responsible for instructing new nursing graduates, developing seasoned nursing staff, and establishing various programs within the hospital system, including the prestigious Stroke Program at St. David’s Medical Center. Preparing students to become nurses is a different yet challenging role that Marylyn has enjoyed tremendously. To teach the first course that students are introduced to in their newly chosen profession is humbling and so vital, as this is the first exposure to the nursing role that many will experience. Also, based on her many years of experience as an advanced practice nurse, Marylyn finds it rewarding to empathize with struggling family nurse practitioner students. Her other interests include cycling, hiking with her dog Roxie, traveling, reading, and dabbling in some right-brain activities like cake decorating and acrylic painting.

Dr. Christine Lynn Norton

Dr. Norton

Dr. Christine Lynn Norton has been teaching in the School of Social Work for seven years. She teaches classes in both the BSW and MSW programs, focused on direct social work practice with individuals, families, and groups. She has developed several online graduate courses covering techniques used in group therapy and adventure therapy. In both her online and on-campus classes, Dr. Norton utilizes an experiential education pedagogy that focuses on learning by doing, and incorporates the action-reflection-integration cycle. Most of all, Dr. Norton focuses on engaging students relationally to promote an emotionally safe yet rigorous learning environment.


Ms. Elizabeth Cernota Clark

Ms. Cernota Clark
Runner Up

Ms. Clark has been involved in journalism since 1973, when she was hired as an editorial assistant at the Chicago Daily News. She is in her 12th year of college-level teaching, with the last seven spent in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. In addition to online and face-to-face sections of MC 3383, she also teaches MC 3321: News Writing and Reporting I. She chaired Mass Communication Week in 2013 and 2014, and will serve again in 2015. Clark taught her first online course in 2005 for Texas Women’s University, just a few years after earning her Master of Journalism degree at the University of North Texas. In addition to her work as a college instructor, she has worked as a reporter, editor, and freelance writer/editor. Her Bachelor of Arts degree is from Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois.

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