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Distance Learning Policies

UPPS 01.04.25 Distance Education Intellectual Property addresses copyright ownership, faculty responsibilities, course development, revision rights, royalties, using Texas State’s name, etc.

PPS 2.16: Academic Programs: Distance Education & Off-Campus Instruction provides procedures for developing distance learning and off-campus programs.

Steering Committee

The Distance and Extended Learning Steering Committee is a divisional committee of the Provost and Academic Affairs. The function of the committee is to develop policy, procedure and practice guidelines to promote distance-learning initiatives, facilitate student services for distance learners, and promote distance-learning programs and course proposals as appropriate to meet campus needs. Its members represent a cross-section of key stakeholders in distance and extended learning at Texas State.

Academic and Student Support Services Committee

The VPAA has appointed an Academic and Student Support Services Committee. The committee is charged with identifying support services currently available to on-campus students that are directly transferable to extended learners; identifying support services that are unique to extended learners; and identifying the impact on the current infrastructure in providing support services to extended learners.