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Reviewing the Planning Matrix for a Hybrid Course

Review your planning matrix to determine if:

  • Each objective is aligned with an observable assignment or assessment.
  • The assessments and instruction take advantage of the strengths of each type of delivery: online or face-to-face.
  • The online and face-to-face components are integrated. That is, there is a connection between online and face-to-face activities. Avoid creating an unconnected parallel course consisting of online activities. Online and face-to-face activities should enhance and extend one another as students work to achieve the instructional objectives you set out for the course.
  • Online activities prepare students to use reduced in-class time productively (i.e., engaged in application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation).
  • You have included a sufficient number of activities that promote active learning (e.g., discussion forums, Web conferencing, collaborative assignments, interactive Web activities). Visit Active Learning to read more information.
  • You have included a sufficient number of activities that help create an online learning community. Visit InsideHigherEd's article to read about building a community.
  • You have included a sufficient number of practice opportunities to help students achieve the objectives (e.g., non-graded quizzes, worksheets, and on-your-own activities).
  • The workload is manageable for both you, the instructor and your students. Online activities take longer than you think. Be careful that you do not create a course and a half. If you have developed more activities that students will have time to complete or that you will have time to grade, you may need to either delete some objectives or simplify how you will assess them.
  • You will have time to create the content and activities you describe in the matrix. Some instructors take a phased approach by determining a simpler approach the first time they teach the course and then adding enhancements as time permits during subsequent course offerings.