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Suggested Quizzes Settings

The table below shows selected Assessments settings with configuration suggestions from the Learning Experience Design group. For details on the full complement of Quizzes settings available, refer to the Canvas Quizzes guide.

Quizzes Introduction

Description/Intro (optional)

Leave blank unless you want to reinforce certain Quizzes functionality (e.g., points on short-answer questions will not appear in the Gradebook until you grade them.) Provide course-specific instructions in Modules or in your syllabus to provide flexibility in quizzes implementation.

Delivery Dates


This will be the date and time when you publish the quiz unless you enter a different date and time.

Due Date

Enter the date and time the quiz is due as indicated in your syllabus.

Retract Date

Enter the date and time when you want the quiz to become unavailable to students. If you allow late submissions, enter a date that reflects how late you will accept them.

Timed Quizzes

Time Quizzes with Time Limit

Leave blank. Discuss with your instructional design coach whether to time high-stakes quizzes.

Assessment Organization

Question Layout

Select the option you prefer. Some students prefer to see all of the questions on one page. Now that Quizzes automatically saves every 2 minutes, the likelihood that answers will be lost due to a connection disruption prior to submission is greatly reduced.


Select Continuous numbering between parts to help students track their progress through the quiz.

Mark for Review

Add Mark for Review feature

Select this option so that students have the option to mark a question for review before submitting the quiz.


Number of Submissions Allowed

Select Only 1 submission allowed, however, discuss with your instructional design coach whether allowing students to submit low-stakes quizzes an unlimited number of times up until the due date can extend practice and exposure to the content. Consider adding an instruction to your quiz that says something like, "The purpose of this quiz is to provide you with the opportunity to practice. You will be able to view feedback before submitting your answers. However, you should attempt to answer the questions before viewing the correct answers in order to get the most benefit from this practice opportunity."

Late Handling

Select Late submissions will be accepted after the due date if you would like the opportunity to allow students to submit late work according to your late policy. Late submissions will be tagged.

Automatic Submission

Select this option to force the submission of saved assessments.

Submission Message

Leave this blank and use either Modules or the syllabus to tell students what to do next.


Feedback Authoring

Select both so that any feedback you have authored at the question or selection level will appear to students.

Feedback Delivery

Select Feedback available after the student submits the assessment so that students can return to Assessments to see any feedback you have provided. For practice quizzes, consider selecting Feedback available during the assessment, which displays a Show Feedback button above each question as students take the quiz. If you decide to make feedback available during an assessment, we recommend that you display one question per page under Assessment Organization. (Read more suggestions for practice quizzes in the row below and under Number of Submissions Allowed above.)

Release Questions and the following

For low-stakes assessments Select all of the options except Statistics and Histograms, including student response, correct response, student’s assessment scores, student’s question, and part scores, selection-level feedback, and grader’s comments. For high-stakes exams, discuss with your instructional design consultant whether to limit feedback to Only Release Student’s Assessment Scores. Read more here about what the various feedback options do (scroll down to Feedback).


Students’ Identities

Select Students’ identities can be seen by graders for most assessments. Anonymous grading is appropriate surveys.

Grades sent to Gradebook

Select this option so that scores will be reflected in Gradebook.

Recorded Score If Multiple Submissions per User

Select Record the highest score, since the assessment is probably low stakes if multiple submissions are permitted.