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The WICHE Cooperative for Educational Techologies (WCET) is a nationally recognized, membership-based, non-profit organization whose mission is to accelerate the adoption of effective practices and policies, advancing excellence in technology-enhanced teaching and learning in higher education. Texas State is an institutional member of WCET, so all Texas State faculty and staff are eligible to receive WCET members' benefits.

Note: Individual costs for professional development, WCET event attendance, and training with WCET are normally covered by a faculty member's academic unit.

WCET Listservs and Forums 

Texas State faculty and staff are welcome to subscribe to WCET’s member-only e-mail lists. WCETNews provides weekly digests of national news related to higher education and technology. The weekly Article Digests are organized by academic, technology, and policy issues. WCETDiscuss, WCET’s moderated list for discussions, is a forum for exchanges over a wide range of issues—from how instructional design is organized, to online instruction and faculty matters, to integration of web collaboration tools and more. Subscribe to these resources by e-mailing Sherri Artz Gilbert with your name, title, department or unit, and Texas State e-mail address.

WCET’s Frontiers Blog features valuable updates on federal policies and accreditation, guest blogs on academic integrity, innovation postings, discussions on student retention strategies, and more.

Online WCET Resources

The WCET website provides resources under the focus areas of Faculty Success, Student Success, Emerging Technologies, Managing e-Learning, and Policy and Regulations. WCET also has a YouTube channel, and you can follow WCET on Twitter @wcet_info.

WCET Webcasts

WCET webcasts address topics such as teaching competencies for 21st-century learners, identity authentication and proctoring systems, accessibility laws and compliance strategies, and video captioning. Archives of past webcasts are available as well.

WCET Events

Texas State staff and faculty receive discounted registrations to in-person events, including the WCET Annual Meeting and Leadership Summits.