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Teaching Continuity Guide

Situations may arise that might require faculty to temporarily offer some of their class online with minimal notice including a campus closure or absenteeism (faculty or a significant number of students) during illness or emergency. This guide is designed to provide a starting place for making this transition quickly if necessary and to make some recommendations in case faculty would like to anticipate a need and make advance preparations.

Professional Development for Remote Teaching

The Office of Faculty Development, Office of Distance and Extended Learning, and Division of Information Technology are currently offering drop-in and topical workshops via Zoom for faculty wanting to explore their options for remote teaching. These workshops may be open for general questions and answers or have a specific focus on a tool or remote teaching technique.

Please find a list of upcoming live workshops by visiting the Faculty Development web page.

Mini-Lecture Recording Sessions

For those faculty who might like assistance recording a mini-lecture for an upcoming remote class section, we will staff several opportunities to do so during the week of March 23-27. Depending on demand, we may schedule more times and dates. 

Faculty do not need to travel to campus to have help getting a mini-lecture recorded. The sessions do require that you have access to a stable Internet connection and a desktop or laptop computer with a webcam and microphone attached. In addition to getting the recording done, you will learn how to do it yourself whenever you wish. 

The sessions will last only 45 minutes. Please plan to make the most of the time by having a presentation or good notes prepared. 

Click to schedule your mini-lecture recording time.


To request consultation at the departmental level in continuity planning for the delivery of instruction online, please contact the Office of Distance and Extended Learning at or by calling 512-245-2322.