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Using Online Proctoring

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Getting Started with Examity®

Examity® has been selected to provide online proctoring services to Texas State University faculty and students. The Office of Distance and Extended Learning coordinates online proctoring services for online and hybrid (INT and HYB) courses. That coordination involves the following:

  • Making an official request to have the Examity® tool loaded into the correct course web site (TRACS)
  • Connecting faculty to our Examity® faculty liaison to ensure vendor support
  • Tracking and paying for proctoring activity (students in INT and HYB course sections are not charged exam proctoring fees within this process) 
  • Managing the vendor relationship including collecting regular feedback from faculty, staff, and students

The process for loading the Examity® tool into your course site, preparing your first exam and your students to take it, and giving your students time to book an appointment with the online proctor will require at least ten business days. Please plan accordingly

To prepare for next steps, you will need to have:

  • The Course IDs and Course Section numbers for each course in which you would like to use the online proctoring service
  • The estimated enrollment in each course
  • The number of exams in each course you would like to have proctored using the services (per student)

Faculty who have never used an online proctoring service or are using it for the first time at Texas State should begin by browsing About Online Proctoring and return to this page.

After reviewing the introductory material about Examity® and gathering your  course information, click here to complete the online proctoring request form

After your request to use Examity® is received, you will be referred to the Examity® faculty liaison. She will contact you to ask follow-up questions about your plans for online proctoring and to ensure that any initial on-boarding and professional development needs you may have are met. Once the proctoring tool has been successfully added to your course web site, both you and the Examity liaison will be notified so that next steps may begin. 

Learning to use the online proctoring tool takes a few minutes and participants in our pilot program had little need for technical support following the brief introduction. Still, support from the vendor liaison and Examity's® toll free technical support line (855-392-6489) is always available.

Examity® also provides a Faculty Quick Guide (2.5 MB PDF) (download Adobe PDF reader) on how to use the online proctoring tool in TRACS and an Instructor Toolkit document (84 KB MS Word) that has email templates that faculty may use to help students prepare to use Examity®.

Another included document is a Quick Guide that you may distribute to students (915 KB PDF) (download Adobe PDF reader) that coaches them on using the Examity tool in TRACS in preparation for testing.

Troubleshooting Online Proctoring

Faculty may begin troubleshooting Examity® issues through the vendor liaison:

Vanessa McCarthy

Examity® Key Account Manager
617-600-4483 Ext 718

Also, contact the Office of Distance and Extended Learning:

Dana R. Willett


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the technical requirements for students to use the Examity® online proctoring service?

A: Students must have a:

  • A desktop computer or laptop (tablets or phones are not compliant)

  • Webcam and microphone

  • A web connection with at least 2Mbps upload and download speed

  • A modern web browser with pop-up blockers disabled

Q: Where do students get help from Examity®?

A: You can visit Examity®s Instructor FAQ page or Test Takers FAQ page for answers on many student questions. Technical support is available by calling 855-392-6489 Option 1 or by emailing

Q: If misbehavior is detected during a proctoring session, will the proctor ever stop the student from starting or completing the exam?

A: Examity® will not prevent a student from starting an exam unless the instructor expressly permits it. With level 3 proctoring, if Examity® finds a student is cheating, the proctor will interrupt and ask them to stop whatever they are doing but will not stop them from testing. The proctor will tell the student that the instructor will be notified and raise a flag in the exam.

Q: For Authentication Level LA, the description says "full recordings." Full recordings of what?

A: For Level LA- Live Authentication, only the authentication part is recorded. The recording will end once the proctor gives the student access to the test by adding in the password and confirming they have started their test. The recording will be released within 48 hours of the students exam appointment to the instructor dashboard.

Q: In Level 1 Auto-proctoring, what does the instructor get back from Examity® if inappropriate behavior is detected?

A: The instructor will receive a full recording. (Please note, level 1 is good for short, routine, low stakes, closed book quizzes. Unlike levels 2 and 3 students will receive no support while testing. Level 1 requires a student to download an application to their computer.)

Q: In Level 2 Record and Review, are these recorded sessions routinely provided to the instructor for review even if nothing is detected?

A: Examity® records every level 2 exam, whether there is cheating or no cheating. All recordings are released within 48 hours to the instructor dashboard within EXAM STATUS. If there is cheating noted on an exam, the Examity® faculty liaison will notify the instructor and then encourage them to watch the recording in Examity®. 

Q: How is the instructor notified if technical or logistical issues caused by use of the proctoring solution prevent the student from taking or completing the test?

A: Examity® proctors can handle many technical issues. Examity® also provides an area in the exam tool that is only visible to the proctor where emergency contact information may be entered.

Q: How do proctors provide accommodation for students with disabilities?

A: If an instructor has a student with an accommodation, faculty may simply send those accommodations to the Examity® faculty liaison. Examity® meets all accommodations and at no additional cost. The accommodation is added to the student’s profile so the proctor is aware prior to connecting with the student.