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Distance Learning Student Development Support

SDSII: A Resource to All Distance Learners

The Student Development Specialist II (SDSII) at the Office of Distance and Extended Learning is a staff member whose role is to provide support and service assistance to all distance learners at Texas State University.

Role of Student Development Specialist II

The role of the Student Development Specialist II (SDSII) is to support distance learners and distance learning programs across all of Texas State University. Over the past three years, the role of the SDSII has evolved to encompass distance learners and distance learning programs across all of Texas State University.
How can the SDSII assist students, faculty, and staff?

The SDSII performs a variety of roles that provide direct and indirect aid to students, faculty, and staff at Texas State University. The SDSII partners directly with departments and employees to improve distance learning services, academic programs, accessibility accommodations, faculty training, and student success.

If a student, faculty member, staff member, or department needs assistance with student success and student services for distance learning, the SDSII can be of assistance!

Some functions of the SDSII position include but are not limited to the following.

Student Assistance:

- Ensure Correspondence Studies student success

- Assist distance learning accessibility accommodations

- Provide online program information

- Collaborate on online student services

- Create and provide student success workshops

Faculty Assistance:

- Assist with academic dishonesty process and procedures (correspondence)

- Provide student success education and faculty development

- Collaborate with instructional designers for the design of distance learning courses

Department Assistance:

- Create and collaborate on online student services

- Help design online orientations

- Train faculty and staff on student success practices


If you need any assistance from the Student Development Specialist II, please contact Kamarie Carter at

Meet the Student Development Specialist II

Image of Student Development Specialist II
Kamarie Carter, M.A., Student Development Specialist II

Kamarie Carter began her role as the SDSII for ODEL in 2018. Kamarie is an alumna of Texas State University Class of 2017. Kamarie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and a minor in Leadership studies, and she loved being a Bobcat so much that she decided to work for Texas State after graduation. Kamarie has since then obtained a Master in Higher Education Administration from Sam Houston State University while working full time for ODEL. Kamarie's passion for the holistic student experience and for student success fuels her drive to assist distance learning students every day.

Contact Information


Phone number: 512.245.7139