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Undergraduate Programs

Of the programs listed, some programs may be available completely online and others will include a mix of online and face-to-face components. For many of the undergraduate degrees, the availability of online general education core curriculum courses may be the primary reason the program is listed. Please work directly with your academic department or advisor to determine current opportunities to complete course and degree requirements via Internet-based education. For information on specific online and hybrid courses, visit the Courses page.

College of Applied Arts

Department of Agriculture

Agriculture BSAG (25%–49% online)
Agriculture Animal Science BSAG (25%–49% online)
Agriculture Business and Management BSAG (25%–49% online)

Department of Occupational, Workforce, and Leadership Studies

Applied Arts and Sciences BAAS (25%–49% online)

School of Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice BSCJ (25%–49% online)
Criminal Justice Corrections BSCJ (25%–49% online)
Criminal Justice Law Enforcement BSCJ  (25%–49% online)

School of Family and Consumer Sciences

Consumer Affairs BSFCS (25%–49% online)
Family and Child Development BSFCS (25%–49% online)
Fashion Merchandising BSFCS (25%–49% online)
Interior Design BSFCS (25%–49% online)
Nutrition and Foods BSFCS (25%–49% online)

School of Social Work

Social Work BSW (50% or more online, effective fall 2020)

McCoy College of Business Administration

Department of Accounting

Accounting BBA (25%–49% online)

Department of Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods

Computer Information Systems BBA (25%–49% online)

Department of Finance and Economics

Economics BA (25%–49% online)
Economics BBA (25%–49% online)
Finance BBA (25%–49% online)

Department of Management

Management BBA (25%–49% online)

Department of Marketing

Marketing BBA (25%–49% online)

College of Education

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Interdisciplinary Studies BS (25%–49% online)

Department of Health and Human Performance

Athletic Training BS (25%–49% online)
Exercise and Sports Science BESS (25%–49% online)
Health and Fitness Management BESS (25%–49% online)
Health and Wellness Promotion BHWP (25%–49% online)
Recreational Administration BSRA (25%–49% online)

College of Fine Arts and Communication

School of Art and Design

Art BA (25%–49% online)
Communication Design BFA (25%–49% online)
Photography BFA (25%–49% online)
Studio Art BFA (25%–49% online)

Department of Communication Studies

Communication Studies BA (25%–49% online)

School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Advertising and Mass Communication BS (25%–49% online)
Electronic Media and Mass Communication BS (25%–49% online)
Journalism and Mass Communication BS (25%–49% online)
Mass Communication BA (25%–49% online)
Public Relations and Mass Communication BS (25%–49% online)

School of Music

Music BA (25%–49% online)
Music Studies BM (25%–49% online)
Performance BM (25%–49% online)
Sound Recording Technology BS (25%–49% online)

Department of Theatre and Dance

Dance BFA (25%–49% online)
Musical Theatre BFA (25%–49% online)
Theatre BA (25%–49% online)
Performance and Production BFA (25%–49% online)

College of Health Professions

Clinical Laboratory Science Program

Clinical Laboratory Science BSCLS (25%–49% online)

Department of Communication Disorders

Communication Disorders BSCD (25%–49% online)

Department of Health Information Management

Health Information Management BSHIM (50% or more online)

Radiation Therapy Program

Radiation Therapy BSRT (25%–49% online)

Respiratory Care Program

Respiratory Care BSRC (25%–49% online)
Registered Respiratory Therapist to Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care RRT to BSRC (50% or more online, effective fall 2018)

School of Health Administration

Healthcare Administration BHA (25%–49% online)

St. David's School of Nursing

Nursing BSN (25%–49% online)
Nursing RN to BSN (50% or more online)

College of Liberal Arts

Center for International Studies

International Studies BAIS (25%–49% online)
International Studies-International Relations BAIS (25%–49% online)

Department of Anthropology

Anthropology BA (25%–49% online)
Anthropology BS (25%–49% online)

Department of English

English BA (25%–49% online)

Department of Geography

Geographic Information Science BS (25%–49% online)
Geography BA (25%–49% online)
Geography BS (25%–49% online)
Geography Resource and Environmental Studies BS (25%–49% online)
Geography Urban and Regional Planning BS (25%–49% online)
Geography Water Resources BS (25%–49% online)
Physical Geography BS (25%–49% online)

Department of History

History BA (25%–49% online)

Department of Modern Languages

French BA (25%—49% online)
German BA (25%—49% online)
Spanish BA (25%–49% online)

Department of Philosophy

Philosophy BA (25%–49% online)

Department of Political Science

Political Science BA (25%–49% online)
Public Administration BPA (25%–49% online)

Department of Psychology

Psychology BA (25%–49% online)
Psychology BS (25%–49% online)

Department of Sociology

Applied Sociology BS (25%–49% online)
Sociology BA (25%–49% online)

College of Science and Engineering

Department of Biology

Aquatic Biology BS (25%–49% online)
Biology BS (25%–49% online)
Microbiology BS (25%–49% online)
Wildlife Biology BS (25%–49% online)

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Biochemistry BS (25%–49% online)
Chemistry BS (25%–49% online)

Department of Computer Science

Computer Science BA (25%–49% online)
Computer Science BS (25%–49% online)

Department of Engineering Technology

Concrete Industry Management BS (25%–49% online)
Construction Science and Management BS (25%–49% online)
Engineering Technology BST (25%–49% online)
Technology Management BS (25%-49% online)

Department of Mathematics

Applied Mathematics BS (25%–49% online)
Mathematics BA (25%–49% online)
Mathematics BS (25%–49% online)

Department of Physics

Physics BA (25%–49% online)
Physics BS (25%–49% online)

Ingram School of Engineering

Electrical Engineering BS (25%–49% online)
Industrial Engineering BS (25%–49% online)
Manufacturing Engineering BS (25%–49% online)

University College

General Studies BGS (25%–49% online)