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Discussing Commitment

In concert with strategic fit, a TEALS proposal must include discussion of the academic unit’s initial and ongoing commitment to the project. Significant commitment will be demonstrated in a number of ways, including:

  • a cost-sharing plan for the project describing financial resources the unit and college may be willing to devote to the proposal;
  • a plan for faculty professional development discussing how complementary teaching and learning techniques might be adopted;
  • a schedule for course and/or program redesign to benefit from the new learning space;
  • a description of any prior or current experimentation with active or distance/hybrid learning using classrooms already modified for the purpose and/or;
  • a plan for research, evaluation, review, and continuous improvement by the unit directly related to using the technology-enhanced space, adapting courses for active or distance/hybrid learning, or benefits realized in student success.

The Office of Distance and Extended Learning should be consulted for additional support.